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**Video created by the stupidly talented June Nho Ivers of June Films**


Well hi there! I’m Kelli Bielema (pronounced Beel-uh-ma), owner and evil genius behind Shindig Events in Seattle. I grew up in rural Ilinois, a child of the corn. My parents owned an agricultural business, so you know I am not afraid to get dirty. After leaving Prophetstown, IL, I started my career as an actor eventually landing in Los Angeles. I soon found work behind the scenes to be super exciting, full of non-stop action. I just had to be a part of producing that magic. I cut my teeth on live events and entertainment at Universal Studios Hollywood, from red carpet premieres to million dollar theme park attractions. I’ve been doing this kind of work for (gulp) 18 years. And I love it.

And it’s not just me… we have a team of interns & assistant event coordinators who complete what we collectively like to call The Shindiggery. Each of them has dogged determination to make events run tight and they do it all with genuine smiles. We’re lucky to have them around.


Shindig Events – Team of WIZARDS!


LOGO Esprit Award Nominee