3 Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

With 63,000 searches each second, there’s no wonder why Google ads are the top priority for many businesses. With so much traffic, you could reach new heights with your business. However, most of these businesses will never get the goals they want.

That’s because they make these three mistakes that kill their profits. So if you don’t do them, keep on reading!

#1 – Using Too Many Keywords

The first mistake many people make is using too many keywords. They think that adding more keywords will help them get more people. And while that’s true, as you’ll extend your reach, it has one flaw.

You’re making your ads too generic.

That doesn’t let you create tailored ads which convert way better. So instead of doing that, ensure you add only a few keywords.

#2 – Not Measuring Right Google Ads Metrics

It’s not enough to just run the ads and forget about them. Instead, you should take your time to check the statistics frequently. However, the problem is that most people look at the wrong metrics.

That leads to bad decisions like killing your ads when they were profitable and vice versa. So, what type of metrics should you be looking at?

Well, that depends on what ad campaign you’re running. Here’s a brief rundown:

Search Campaigns – Look at ROAS (return on ad spend) and CPC (cost per click)
Display Campaigns – Look at CPM (Cost per impression)

Apart from those specific, you should also look at Cost per Conversion, Clickthrough Rate (CTR), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), and conversion rate.

#3 – Not Trying Out Campagin Drafts & Experiments Feature

Google always comes out with new features to make advertising easier! And one of the best is the “Campaign Drafts” and “Experiments” features.

With them, you could create multiple ad drafts and then use a portion of your ad budget to experiment if new changes will make your ads convert better. That helps you get a better understanding of your market.

So instead of letting this tool collect dust in your ad manager account, make sure you start using it.


Those are the three Google Ad mistakes you should avoid. Once you start avoiding them, you’re guaranteed to see some improvements.

But there’s one more mistake you should know of! It’s not using Kuvio! With it, you can connect all your marketing data into one and create POAS bidding strategies that actually tell you if you’re profitable.

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