During the past year when our travels and social interactions have been restricted, one thing we have found is that we have had a bit more time to think about marketing. Although we miss the events and meeting people in person, we found that focusing on marketing has given us valuable input and thoughts for the future.

The main thing we found is that it is important to keep your customers in the loop. You need to make sure that your past and future customers do not forget about you, or think that you have gone out of business.

What Do Your Customers Need?

While we recognize the need for marketing, we still want it to be easy and simple to reach as many customers as possible to create a big buzz. But… what kind of buzz should be created?

This is where data mapping comes into play. Use a smart tool to combine different kinds of data and you’ll be able to detect patterns that can help you provide better service and perhaps influence your offerings. By aggregating information about your customers, you can also create more powerful messages for them.

Personal Digital Events

Even though we are not allowed to meet in person, you can still create really powerful digital events. To make them feel personal and get a sociable atmosphere, make them smaller. That way the attendants will have the chance to interact with each other as well as the presenter. This will enable a more personal relationship and create the foundations for a loyal customer base.