4 Best Tips for Visiting Stockholm in 2023

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, and it’s a great place to do some sightseeing. But, like with every travel destination, if you want to have the best time, you need to know some tips. That will make it easier for you to traverse around this city and see the best it has to offer!

So here are four of them!

#1 – No Need to Bring Tons of Cash

You don’t need to exchange a lot for the local currency. That is because Sweden is mostly a cashless city. That means you rarely need to pay by cash, as almost every place can pay by card.

#2 – Enjoy the Flavours of Fika

If you’d like to experience the culture of Sweden, then one of the best ways to do that is by performing the Swedish coffee and cake ritual called “Fika.” It is enjoyed in the afternoons when you drink coffee while having a cake on the side. The most traditional version is with a cinnamon bun, but more variations are available.

#3 – Ghost Town in Summer

When visiting Stockholm, you might find yourself in a city that seems empty! If that happens, then you’ve probably visited the city during June and July. During this time, most Swedes are on holiday, hence the city feeling like a ghost town.

#4 – Take Advantage of Metro Lines

Stockholm is a big city! So traversing it on foot is going to be difficult if you want to see everything that this city has to offer. So one of the best ways to get from one point to another is with a metro.

And if you’re looking for an excellent metro to try out, I suggest you look for Arlanda Express. Not only does it help you get from stockholm airport to city center but to anywhere else you might need.


And those were the best four tips for visiting Stockholm. So when you get there, make sure you know them, and I can guarantee you’ll have a good time!