3 Creative Ways to Use Sticker Back Print

Stickers are amazing. These can be used to show off your personality, unlike anything else. However, there’s something that many sticker designers are sleeping on, which is the dull white back paper. Most won’t print any cool design to it.

So how would you use this to your advantage? Stay tuned to find out.

Idea #1 – Make an Uncanny Version

When designing a sticker, a great and the most obvious way to use the backprint is by creating an uncanny version of the design on the vinyl. That will give your stickers a fantastic look.

For example, let’s say you’re designing a sticker of an angel. On the back print, you could create a devil version of it. Just let your mind run free.

Idea #2 – Create a Postcard

Nowadays, it’s very rare to see someone send a postcard to a friend. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not cool to send one. Most of the time, it’s an extraordinary moment.

So why not make it even more special by sending a postcard out of a sticker. You could create an excellent design on the front while writing the message on the back paper. Then once they’ve finished reading, they can stick it somewhere.

Idea #3 – Create Business Cards

Business cards are essential for any creative freelancer looking for work offline. So why not make yourself stand out by creating a two-in-one business card.

On the front, you have a terrific illustration, while on the back paper, you’ve printed your contact details. This type of business card works best for freelance illustrators to show their professionalism.


And those were the three ways to use the back print creatively! If you’re inspired to create something like that yourself, then I suggest you print them on https://stickerapp.com/. That’s because with them you get high-quality stickers for a very reasonable price.