Attending Events Like a Pro

“Attending an event, isn’t that just going there and… attending?” you may ask. Yes, that is certainly one way of attending. But it isn’t a way to get the most out of the event.

Naturally, the event in itself with all speakers and exhibits is created to provide you with lots of new knowledge and interesting facts. But there are a lot more benefits you can gain from an event if you approach it like a pro. Start by thinking through what outcome you would like to get from the event. It may be (some of) the talks, but it could also be other things like a number of business cards of persons who may be potential collaborators, or even a number of follow-up lunch meetings after or during the event.

Show Off Your Name

An event is a great place to network. You meet tons of people who are, at least theoretically, interested in the same things as you and working in the same industry. Approach people and talk to them to find out what you have in common and if you could benefit from each other in your daily life. Give your business cards to everyone you talk to

If you’ve been to many events, you know that it is really difficult to remember who’s who, even if you were smart enough to collect everybody’s business cards. To help you stand out from the crowd, order customized stickers online. Put them on your name tag and on your business cards. That will provide your contacts with a visual clue that will help them remember you.