Level Up Your Cooking Game

Now when we as a country has begun cooking more, it is the perfect opportunity to increase your cooking skills and level up the dishes you cook and serve. Even if you don’t fancy cooking for yourself, it may be a good way of trying out new dishes and techniques. At least you will not put anyone else through eating something that only vaguely resembles the pictures in the recipe.

Increasing your cooking repertoire is also a nice excuse to buy some new and cool kitchen gadgets. Because how can you be expected to succeed with new endeavors without the proper tools?

Start Drinking Proper Coffee

Well, yes, we know: we are Brits, and tea is our national beverage. But really, a perfect cup of coffee is a treat even for us. But do make sure to really make it a perfect cup, because bad coffee is not worth the effort of even raising the cup to your mouth.

There are several ways of getting really good coffee, so suit one that works for you. If you make filter coffee, get some really good filters and a nice-looking pour-over set. Should you prefer breed coffee, chose a coffee maker which will sit nicely on your kitchen counter. Of course, an espresso machine is a good investment for anyone who likes his or her coffee in small quantities and black as the night.

Make Your Own Pasta

This may seem silly, with all the different variants of pasta, both dried and fresh, that you can get from the store. But the truth is, there is nothing like homemade pasta. The texture, the taste and the love kneaded into it gives it a flavour that you will want for every meal.

To make proper pasta, you will of course need a pasta machine, and perhaps also a pasta drying rack. You could of course use a rolling pin, but to get the almost see-through thin dough, a pasta machine is your best friend. To really reach the next pasta level, try embedding whole leaves of herbs into the sheets of dough, or colour the dough using vegetable juices to make interesting patterns.