Copenhagen Zoo

One of the most fun and exciting places to visit when you have a day to spare in Copenhagen is undoubtedly the Copenhagen Zoo. Regardless of your age, a visit to the park is well worth the time and money.

Yes, we know all about badly kept zoo’s, with small cages and scruffy animals. But Copenhagen Zoo is not at all like that. The animals are well treated and the pens are large and well suited for their inhabitants and their various preferences. Even though the pens are large enough to accommodate the animals, care has been taken to provide good views for the visitor to the zoo.

Large and Friendly – the Elephants Tread Softly

Among the most impressive animals there are, the elephants have the aura of friendly giants. They normally move slowly with their trunks to the ground, but when threatened they will both be fast and fight furiously.

If you are lucky, you will catch the elephants on a hot day when they decide to shower. They like water and frequently play in the water when trying to cool off. Especially the young elephants are very playful around water.

Elephants defend themselves in groups, where the grown elephants surround the young ones and aggressively face any attacker.

Humanlike Monkey Business at the Monkey Mountain

It is easy to get stuck in front of the monkey mountain, where the chimpanzees live. When watching the monkeys you are likely to recognize some human behaviour. Especially if you have a sibling, you will definitely recognize the younger chimpanzees teasing the older ones.

The mothers keep their children firmly in place while picking lice, and they discipline the young when needed. But most of the time, the mothers tolerate the babies pranks and mischief, with a look on their faces any mum will recognize from herself.

Terrariums With Scary Inhabitants

In the terrarium building, you will find all sorts of crawling, slithering and jumping beauties. There is a large selection of frogs, both poisonous and more friendly ones.

Any cravings you might have for close-ups with poisonous spiders and snakes will be met here. And should you do better without, they are easy to avoid by not entering the section. Spend another few minutes watching the monkeys instead.