Why People Love Stockholm

Stockholm is the beautiful capital of Sweden and it’s a wonderful holiday destination with a lot to offer. People that love architecture and design love Stockholm because it is a gorgeous city with a lot of history to dive into and we all know that the minimalism of Sweden is trendy right now. But when you visit Sweden it is also crucial that you enjoy some fika. What is fika? It is a word that cannot be translated into English! That is what makes it so special. Fika is a kind of meal, a social event, a get together comprised of coffee or tea, a delicious “bulle” (cinnamon roll), and a good friend. Like English teatime but without scones and the best thing is that you can fika anytime of the day, several times a day – especially when you are on holiday!

Fika is enjoyed between the main meals and then you have lots of culinary experiences to look forward to as well. Hundreds of stunning hotels in Stockholm offer enticing menus, so there will be no shortage of food and drinks. Stroll along Riddarholmen and be amazed by the historical beauty in central Stockholm. The main landmark is the church Riddarholmskyrkan, which was used as the country’s royal burial church in the 17th century. The best thing about this capital city is that you can walk and walk through the different parts of the city and drink it all in – historic marvels and modern achievements in harmony.